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OUR MANTRA: “I will utilize MY skills to benefit those who are in need.”

What started as a small effort by one 8 year old girl to help someone in need in conjunction with the 2 Seam Dream Foundation in 2015, has now grown to 50 elite golfers from all around the WORLD! These awesome kids have a unified focus and one goal in mind… DOMINATING PEDIATRIC CANCER in any way they can.




The Campaign mantra is simple, everyone has a skill of some sort. Our mantra starts and ends with each participant taking ownership and making it happen within their own network of friends, family and supporters of their skills. Most of the participants in this campaign just happen to be elite golfers! They enter each day saying and believing the Campaign mantra of “I will utilize MY skills to help those in need.” Some kids very well may play on the PGA or LPGA tour and can certainly use that platform as a voice to promote their cause. Many will become successful in business and will have some sort of skill, business or personal contacts and most importantly their time & energy to devote to a cause that is near and dear to their hearts. We hope they can learn this skill at an early age and experience a lifetime of giving back in the best way they can!

The Win Green Campaign Year 1 (2015) – featured just Avery by herself (with some help from her caddie) and it was called the “Win Green for Jeff” Campaign. Jeff was the school custodian and is still known as “Superman” because he could fix anything! This kids love him and he is just a wonderful person so it was easy for the school and others to get behind the campaign to support Jeff and Avery. Due to the love, generosity and support from the donors the “Win Green for Jeff” campaign exceeded its’ initial goal of $5,000 by raising $7,940.

The Win Green Campaign Year 2 (2016) –  started the campaign with just nine-year-old golfer Avery Zweig who was kicking off her 2nd Annual Win “Green” pledge campaign to raise funds and awareness for a 2-year-old boy from Monroe, LA named Cason Crow and well as St Jude Children’s Hospital. It didn’t take long for others to want to help the cause. The 2016 Win “Green” pledge campaign added a unique and exciting twist which meant Avery wasn’t alone in fighting for the cause. Four stud golfers wound up joining #TeamCason in what became known as “The Win Green for Cason Campaign”(insert hyperlink to their page).  The campaign was fantastic and had support from everyone who crossed paths with the effort through various mediums whether it was social media or one of the Radio & TV appearances that took place during the launch of the Campaign. The 2016 “Win Green for Cason” Campaign would end up raising over $29,000 in pledges and #TeamCason blew out its goal of $25,000 with some time to spare in the cause! Ending on a high note the hopes were to take the Campaign to the next level, including many more kids from all around the WORLD!

The Win Green Campaign Year 3 (2017) – fresh off of the momentum from the previous year’s “Win Green for Cason” Campaign, we decided to standardize the name and it will be known going forward as “The Win Green Campaign”. We always hope to be fortunate enough to find someone in need that we can play for but that may not always be the case, hence the name change. As fate would have it, we were ready to just play for St Jude Children’s Hospital this year but we were introduced to 9-year-old girl with Leukemia named Sadie Keller of Dallas, TX. You just never know when destiny will come knocking on your door, you just hope to be paying attention when it does! The best part of the 2017 Win Green Campaign is that it includes 50 kids from all over the WORLD!!!! Players from the United States, Africa (Kenya), Australia, England and Asia will have their sites set on raising $100,000 for this years beneficiaries. All 50 kids will be doing what they can to help the cause in an effort to dominate pediatric cancer.



The 2 Seam Dream Foundation is a 501 ©(3) non-profit organization

The Win Green Campaign is made possible through a partnership with the 2 Seam Dream Foundation and founder Rick Greene. The inaugural Win “Green” Campaign was in 2015 managed to raise almost $8,000 for the Brentfield Elementary School Custodian (Mr. Jeff Ballard AKA “Superman”) to aid in his fight against lung cancer. It has since been the dream of Avery Zweig, her Caddie and The 2 Seam Dream Foundation’s goal to raise WORLDWIDE awareness for pediatric cancer. We hope that with each campaign participant learning to “utilize their skills to benefit those who are in need” the Win Green Campaign will make a significant impact each and every year.